3 out of the 12 top rec diaries have to do with the obesity issue. Have we discussed this enough so that we can move on?

It all started with some doctor who I had never heard of commenting on Chris Christie's weight and how, somehow, that was the thing that should be of concern to us all around him running for the presidency.  Really?  That is the thing I should be concerned about?

Not his bullying temperament?  His failed policies?  His fickleness? His lack of understanding of the world? All this is trumped by his roundness? If he lost 80 pounds by the primaries, will you back him as President?

I understand and agree that the person running for President should be fit enough physically to perform the duties.  Since Christie seems to have done quite well, physically, in the performance of his duties as Governor, I don't see this as an issue.  Hell, even healthy Presidents can choke on a pretzel.

This insistence on discussing his weight is a red herring.  

Now we have gone off on this tangent.  We have the amazing, I lost weight stories.  We have the I'm fat and leave me alone diaries.  We have the you are responsible for your weight diaries.

We have pontificated about society being the cause, the Ag industry being the cause, Corn, Government, me, you, did I miss anyone?  

We have had links to all the studies to back up all the opinions.

Through all this discussion, guess what?  Chris Christie is still overweight.  And in my opinion he is still not fit to be President, not because of his weight... but because of all that other stuff, like how he has an (R) next to his name and all the failed policies that go with it.  

Since the primary season for the 2016 election is still over a year away and we don't even know if Chris Christie will run, can we shelve the weight issue until it is relevant?

Who knows. Ff being overweight makes you that much at risk, he may not make it to the primaries...

9:02 PM PT: The Rec List... I'm flattered!!

Must be some mistake in the algorithm.

Seriously though thank you all.  I rarely post comments and even more rarely do a diary.  I was just getting tired of reading about obesity.  I have my weight loss forums for that :)

Even more seriously, I know this has become a big concern.  Being overweight myself, I can relate.  I was not always overweight.  I come from a family of overweight people.  

My brother is Christie's size.  My sister has struggled with weight her entire life.  She tried everything.  I was skinny and thought for sure I must be adopted.  

My weight gain had several factors involved.  The biggest I think are stress and genetics.  I am predisposed to carry my weight as I do.  Even when I was skinny I had a pudgy mid section.

Enough serious stuff...thanks again everyone.


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