This will be short.

I suppose after Newtown, we just come to expect it.  And I suppose on this day, with the resignation of a Pope being big, big news, we can't be blamed if we miss it.

But in case you did...There was another mass shooting today in Delaware.  In a courthouse, no less.

Now I know that "only" 3 people died, and one of those was the shooter, but what fascinates me is the following...

I found out about it from a friend I follow on Twitter, who just happened to be at the courthouse this morning. She's fine...although she took unnecessary grief from conservative gun nut types on Twitter for...something? I don't know.  She tweeted about how scared she was and what had happened, and the gun nut types decided it was time to discuss her political view and views on gun control.  While she was still being interviewed by police as to what happened.

But I digress.

Following her tweets, it took a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours for CNN, MSNBC, any major news outlet to even put up a link to the story on their websites.  And as of right now, that link is still buried on both sites.  Now I know the Pope is big news, but it wasn't that long ago that courthouse shootings were pretty big news too:  witness the Atlanta Courthouse shootings in 2005.  IIRC, that thing was major news for two days.

But I think the simpler explanation is that we've just become numb to the killing, the guns, the shootings.  Hey, it's the price we pay in this society, right?  That's what we are told anyway.  

I hope that's not the case.  But it sure seems like it these days.

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