At literally the same time that President Obama was awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha, the news(?) that everyone's favorite over-the-hill rocker and top-rank gun nut Ted Nugent has been invited to the SOU address tomorrow night.

And who would do such a thing? Funny you should ask. None other than Sam Stockman(R-Crazy) who seems to look at Louie Gohmert as a role model.

I find this a sad, but hardly surprising, sign of just how divided our country has become.

Have we (collectively) no sense of decency left? It never ceases to amaze me that people like Stockman can get elected - and re-elected - to the highest legislative body in our country. While I thank my lucky stars I don't have to live in one of those districts, I am even further thankful that we aren't ruled by these morons.... yet.

Of course, no word yet on whether the Secret Service will allow a blatant lunatic who has publicly (at least vaguely) threatened the life of the President will be allowed in the same room with him.

I also suspect that Gohmert and King and Bachmann and the rest of the 'biggest idiot in Congress' caucus are fuming and plotting ways to trump Stockman's display.


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