Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Tonight on TDS, George Stephanopoulos; and on TCR, Garry Wills, Author, Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition.

sausage grinder of snark

I'm unreasonably exhausted tonight -- it's been one of those busy-with-little-to-show-for-it days. Though several loads of clean laundry *and* no longer being out of cat food are major accomplishments in & of themselves, I suppose.

Anyway. Jon's guests this week bore me (though the interviews may not suck). But Stephen's got a serendipitous guest tonight (the book is Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition -- B&N has the major reviews, and this NYTimes op-ed gives something of an overview). Friend of the show Father James Martin is there, too:

And of course twitter is full of this:
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