Former Rep. and Tea Party darling Joe Walsh has filed a request in Cook County Circuit Court to cease paying child support payments because he is no longer employed, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Monday.

What kind of man runs away from taking care of his own children?
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Is this essay or multiple choice?
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A Tea Party Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 • 2 hours ago −
The same kind that has them in his commercials when he's running for office!

Get a job moocher! What, no tea party welfare group have a gig for you?
Sorry Joe, but you fathered those children, isn't it up to you to find a way to provide for them?
I heard McDonald's is looking for help.
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 • 2 hours ago
Go flip some burgers Joe!
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 • an hour ago
Wal-Mart is looking for greeters.
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• an hour ago −
If I saw Joe Walsh at the entrance to MY Wal-Mart, I'd turn right around and go to Target!

Bet he's for raising the minimum wage now....
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• 32 minutes ago −
Learn these five words, Joe: "You want fries with that?"
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• 14 minutes ago
Shut up. He lives in my town. I don't want him making MY burgers.

You are so right on. Additionally, if Joe truly has no income, I guess he will have to go on the government dole as well? Is he now eligible for unemployment? Food stamps? Welfare checks? He appears to be an able-bodied American. So why doesn't he just get a job already and support his own kids?
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• 2 hours ago
Make sure yo drug test him before he gets his socialist Obama welfare check.

All quotes credit to the original TPM commenters.

Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 11:30 AM PT: Walsh to sue Chicago Sun-Times, diarist, and every one of you:

What is the story here? No, the Sun-Times purposely tried to sully my name again and I will fight back against them and anyone else who does.
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