Given the reality of the situation in the United States, any careful observer may come to the conclusion that the population is acting irrationally.  I used to be perplexed about it, but not anymore.  Now I'm more interested in understanding the reasons, motivated by a desire to eventually understanding what would it take to influence the citizenry to act rationally.

In the real world, which seems to mimic the dark matter which astrophysicists describe as invisible, a cabal of supranational corporations and financial lords (wall Street) have set the agenda for the entire nation, impacting cities, states, and the federal government.  That agenda includes an acceleration in the transfer and accumulation of wealth and power from the population.

In this hidden (but vastly larger) "dark matter" world, the political system is a ruse, used to appease and deceive the population into believing they have a say in the way the country is run, by and large.  There are some very minimal, marginal benefits that result from being involved in the political process, but not really enough to help bring about the type of massive correction needed.

In fact, staying with the "dark matter" analogy, scientists estimate that it constitutes 84% of the universe, and yet, it can't be seen.  I think that's the way we, the citizens, are seeing things.  Of the whole of society, we are operating within a 15 percent piece of the "reality pie" while the other 85 percent remains invisible to our senses, even though it has the biggest impact in our lives.

I watched the Super Bowl and saw tens of thousands of frantic and excited fans, screaming, doing high fives, singing, chanting for their team.  I watched the TV commercials.  So there is a lot of emotion, happiness, anxiety (when your team is losing), and it's nice to be with friends and love ones (that's a good thing), but in the whole, there is zero benefit.  Well, yes, entertainment can be beneficial, but if you are being robbed while being entertained (i.e., while you are not paying attention), then in the final analysis, the downside cancels out any benefit.

How do we spend our days?  How do you?  Let's say that the typical person works, shops, takes care of family responsibilities, pays bills, watches TV, spends time on the Internet, at facebook, twitter, news sites, blogs.

Here (at Daily Kos) it seems like we spend about 85 percent of the time reporting on what Republicans are doing in the hope that by exposing their outrageous agendas and behavior, it will galvanize people against them which will then translate into Democratic vs. Republican political competition, which will hopefully result in sending more Democrats to Congress and states' houses.

But that effort only addresses 15 percent of the problem, and hence it is totally ineffective, since the 85 percent of "dark matter" forces are moving ahead unmolested, and hidden.

That means that the inter-generational financial criminal cartel that is Wall Street continues to accumulate wealth and power at lighting speed.  Constitutional rights are being weakened at lighting speed.  Government institutions are being weakened (by design) at an increasingly alarming pace in what is clearly a very coordinated strategy to destroy the public commons in favor of for-profit privatization.

The Occupy Wall Street movement at its height was acting rationally by not only identifying the nefarious forces undermining democracy, but by also applying the right strategies and tactics to resist these forces.  But then it fizzled, now semi-dormant and marginalized.

So everything around us is absurd.  The TV filled with mindless and endless mental trash.  Mega-churches filled to capacity with tens of thousands of people.  Sports events, shopping.  And extreme anxiety, poverty spreading, schools underfunded (and now being told to teach Ayn Rand, and creationism).

I can't help but picturing a herd walking towards the slaughterhouse; as the ones in the front get slaughtered (i.e., fall into poverty and despair), the ones a little behind (the middle class) continue their march (thinking they're just fine), completely unaware of what expects them just a few yards ahead.  And as they walk, they're staring at their iPhones' or Androids' screens.

I'm developing some ideas that involve the use of propaganda or massive, nationwide, and relentless advertising campaigns using the same tools used by the corporatists; trying to identify "emotional buttons" so people rise in opposition with passion; I already know that in order to influence the masses the mix needs to be around 15 percent intellectual, and 85 percent appeal to emotional or irrational instincts.

My goal would be to find out a way to inspire or influence millions of people to spend some time during the week (or the month) to do one simple thing in resistance to the brutal nascent system, but to make it a habit, similar to going to the movies, or going out to a restaurant to have breakfast during the weekend.  Just one more habit that's not seen as burdensome, but as fun, entertaining, fulfilling.

I have a very detailed plan on this, but for now, what I'd like to do is to ask you to share with me your own impressions and ideas about this topic.  If you had the wherewithal and the resources to reach millions of people, given your understanding of the situation in this country, what would you do to get people engaged in effective ways of opposing the imposition of tyranny (losing constitutional rights, targeted assassinations of American citizens, rampant corruption at city halls, state and national government, etc.).

My main point in all this?  We are engulfed in a truly absurd world, engaged in all types of activities (a large percentage of them being irrational), but somehow spend less than 1 percent of our time doing stuff that would make a real difference in society.  Why do you think that's the case?  And if you don't agree with my conclusion, what's your take on this subject?

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