I will start off by saying I am an atheist. I was raised a Methodist cause that was the religion of my father's family. My mom's side of the family Catholic. So for funerals and weddings I've spent some time in a Catholic church. I got more than a few issues with the Catholic church. At least the church I went to I always felt very welcome and happy. A nice place.

Below the fold a little story and some hope for the next Pope.

I hope they try to get a Pope that is somewhat progressive. I know change will come slow, but just a little change.

I've been to that Catholic church a lot in the last few years cause my family members are passing away at an alarming rate. The Priest there is a wonderful man. I've talked to him a lot. A kind soul.

A few years ago he was fired.

I am so going to get this wrong, but I think there is a thing called the Latin Liturgical Rites. Put down in code these are the words of the Lord.

He changed them somewhat. Felt he was losing his his congregation, younger people, and that maybe making it more acceptable to younger folks might be a good idea. Well I guess some folks had too much free time on their hands and recorded him, sent those recordings to the Bishop in St. Louis and asked him to step down.

The Preist was a Vietnam vet. He worked for free, living off his military commission.

He didn't say this clearly, but I will, he told them to go fuck off. He would not recant. He would not change his ways.

I get you can't break the rules. But a Pope a little more understanding couldn't be a bad thing.

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