Just a week ago it was the United Kingdom's House of Commons that did it. Now it is the lower house of France's parliament's turn. Just hours ago:

France's lower house of parliament has approved a sweeping bill to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children... The measure, approved in a 329-to-229 vote Tuesday, comes despite an array of demonstrations in recent weeks by opponents of the "marriage for all" bill. Polls show most French support legalizing gay marriage...
The bill now goes to the French Senate which, also being controlled by President Hollande's Socialist Party, should have no trouble passing the bill and making it the law of the land. That's unlike in the United Kingdom, where there was been serious speculation that Cameron's Conservative party will not be able to force marriage equality through the House of Lords this year.

It looks like France will become the 12th nation-state to legalize same-sex marriage (others in serious contention are Uruguay and New Zealand, but the legislative process in those countries will take a while longer). Those countries which already have marriage equality are The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, , Iceland, Canada, Argentina and South Africa.

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