Time Magazine cover with Marco Rubio and caption:
Can't be the savior of the Rape Party and oppose violence against women!
Would it surprise you that every single vote against the Violence Against Women Act was a male Republican? Of course it wouldn't. But the fact that Marco Rubio was among the fringe 22 "no" votes might.

Yup, Marco Rubio, savior of the GOP, went on the record as opposing legislation protecting women against violence. Why? No word yet. But there likely is nothing Rubio does today without an eye toward 2016. He's the savior, after all!

The only question was whether Rubio is running for president of the United States or just for the GOP nomination. With this vote, we now know it's the latter.

It's only a matter of time before he starts pontificating on rape.

Voting against the violence against women act is Marco Rubio's "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" moment
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Please sign the petition from Daily Kos and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee urging House Republicans to protect all women by passing the Senate version of the expanded, bipartisan Violence Against Women Act.

1:13 PM PT: Rubio explains himself. As far as I can tell, 1) he wants DC telling women what birth control and reproductive choices they make, but doesn't want DC determining where the dollars should go for anti-violence programs, and 2) he's afraid that Native Americans will railroad non-Native Americans who abuse women on tribal lands.

Good luck with those arguments, Marco.

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