Yup, that is the extraordinary neurosurgeon head at Hopkins Hospital who overcame poverty and struggles. He trashed Obamacare in what was supposed to be an apolitical breakfast.

First of all, the American people are okay with Obamacare and Dr. Ben Carson does not speak for all physicians. There are physicians for a medicare for all approach. There are physicians supportive of Obamacare.

Also, Dr. Ben Carson has never talked about alternatives. Why did he wait until now to speak out? He could have helped out Mitt Romney. He could have campaigned with him. Why did he never criticize Romneycare?

Dr. Ben Carson raised some serious questions and I feel my respect for him went down for a little bit.

I admire people who speak out and I have learned a lot from those people. However, speaking out without even understanding context and looking at other aspects of health care? Surely, Dr. Carson should know better. Dr. Carson should know that African Americans support Obamacare.




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