'I mean, a day does not go by without some sort of shooting involving children.' -- Fox News Woman.

'So random...' -- Fox News Man.

Yes, this occurred just a couple seconds ago, and it made me very angry. Why are you incredulous, Fox News? Why is this 'random'? You know exactly why this happens: America has approximately one gun for every human being.

A 34-year-old gunman was expected to face criminal charges in Minnesota on Tuesday after killing a 9-year-old boy and wounding two women when he opened fire on motorists in a St. Paul suburb, authorities said.

Police in Oakdale, Minnesota, said the attacker, whose name was not immediately released, fired two bursts of bullets at passing vehicles from a handgun before he was taken into custody on Monday evening shortly after the shooting.

The gunman appears to be a "random single active shooter," Oakdale Police Officer Michelle Stark said on Tuesday. "We feel with his arrest there is no active threat to the public safety at this time."

A handgun and ammunition were recovered near the suspected gunman after he was taken into custody, police said.

So, another innocent child is dead, another family destroyed, and one of the country's most influential media outlets just throws their hand in the air and bemoans the 'random' and inexplicable nature of this violence.

I do not blame the NRA. The NRA is one bully, one symptom of a larger disease.

We are the problem, and we are also the solution.

We must stop this carnage.

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