Sorry folks I'm done playing. Just got another Email from the OFA folks telling me "How proud I should be of my President" because of last night’s speech.

Well, tell you what. I'm not too proud. And It's not a topic I've heard much about here.
But, I heard a lot of talk about "How the debt is the boogey man", and "We need to compromise", and the big shocker.. follow BS "Bowles Simpson"!

Sorry kittens, I'm a little miffed, especially after the press conference where I hear that chained CPI is back on the "Grand Bargain" table again.

I mean I hate to say I told ya so, but.. I told ya so! Right after the election I heard all the confidants floating the "cut the safety net" balloons, and knew this was coming.
So anyway, here's the memo I sent back to Mr. Messina :
Sorry folks, I’ve had it with you!
I’m SICK and Tired of hearing about DEBT, Austerity, Grand Bargains, Chained CPI, Shared Sacrifice, and all the rest!

I did not vote for a center right republican!
The President puts enough progressive sprinkles on top to keep the idiot base happy, but I’ve seen through it all.

He’s just working for Wall St. the same at all the rest of Washington. His fondness and fanaticism about the Faux Debt

Red Herring is proof of that. His willingness to keep offering up the safety net as an sacrifice is the glue that binds it.

The repeated love words to BS, Bowles Simpson, seals it.
Put the banksters in jail, starts some real stimulus like FDR, INCREASE ScoSec, and firm up the safety net.

Stop emailing me like I’m some kind of idiot until you start acting like you’re NOT a conservative!

Put THAT in your Email Database. Or maybe your drone strike list?
Twice now I pulled out all the stops for this guy cuz, "He was better than the alternative", yeah, really? Was he?

All the stuff we lambasted "W" about WRT secret nasty stuff seems to still be there. But now we have secret killer air robots too, that we can use on anyone, anywhere!
A mom in FL who organized an OWS rally has an FBI file as thick as the Oxford dictionary? WTF?

HSBC launders drug $$$ but is too big to jail by our Attny Gen. HUH?

We propose legislation to attack climate change, but in the same paragraph laude fracking, and extol expanded oil drilling on Govt. land??

Plus the biggie, which is we keep chasing this DEBT red herring like it's actually something real, and hold up out safety net to it, for no reason! Repeat after me.
Sco Sec does not contribute to the debt - So why are we discussing it at all?

I posted a diary called "My Story" the other day, and really wanted to post a considered diary that drew points from that either last night, or this evening.
But, jeez! I just can't get over how thrown under the bus I feel.

Yeah, I'm happy we still don't have "W", or McCain, or Mr. 47%, but REALLY, other
that a lot of talk (where a lot of it scares me now) where are we going? I mean in a way that really MATTERS if your looking at eating cat food soon?

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