The power of advertising - we have 'moving' pictures on a loop. I remember the first time I saw a curvy black woman endlessly dancing and laughing, throwing her head back, in this little thumbnail photo on AOL's homepage. She had nothing to do with what was being advertised, and in that case, I can't say that mission was accomplished, because I have no recollection of the product.

I think the second strongest pull came from a facebook ad with Amos Lee's photo. Being a big fan I opened up the link and it was an, "If you like Amos Lee, you'll like...". That pissed me off, and I wanted to call Amos and tell him his photo was being used. Except, I didn't have his number. Because he doesn't KNOW me.

The googly eyes had me at blink. What next? Will someone come out of a photo and slap me upside of my head saying, "Hey! Look At This!"

I don't know. They say if you can imagine it... I keep looking and wondering how can one eye be poppy and other not. You see them too, right?

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