Desiline Victor made two trips and had to stand in line for hours before she could vote. At 102 years of age. She was honored on Tuesday during the State of the Union address for her determination to cast her vote in spite of the obstacles put before her by the Republican party. Her patriotism earned her a standing ovation from Congress. Well, except by John Boehner who sat that one out.

Brian Kilmeade, along with Fox’s Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer decided to have a little fun and mock her for her tenacity.

Some highlights:

What’s the big deal? She was happy. She waited on line, she voted, she was happy that she was there to vote.

What was she the victim of? Rashes on the bottom of her feet?

Can you hear them whispering? ‘Did she try to hit you with the “I’m 102 and I’ve been on line five hours”?”

Is she gonna try to give you that one again?

She said the same thing when she was 98! I wasn’t buying it then, I’m not buying it now!

What's the big deal? This is such a non-issue. Ridiculous.They held her up as a victim. What was she a victim of?

I can tell you specifically what she was the victim of. She was the victim of the Republican efforts to keep the wrong people from voting. She was the victim of Rick Scott's experiment in voter suppression. And most recently, she was the victim of Fox News and their callous disregard for our most fundamental rights as Americans, the right to vote.

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