Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is going on in your life. Today I am really happy about some art that I've done.

On July 31, 2003 I did a picture I called Morning Has Broken. It turned out to be my favorite picture. As the models and textures improved over the years I wanted to go back and revisit the picture and fix the ring around the planet and the tree. The tree models available in 2003 were pretty primitive. They have greatly improved over the years. The problem was that my computer would crash every time I tried to bring the picture up. I figured I would just have to leave it the way it was. I was looking for a different picture on the computer and realized it had never been transferred over from my old workhorse computer. While transferring it onto a CD I decided on the off chance that it might work if I transferred the Bryce file for Morning Has Broken. Much to my delight I was able to pull the file up on the new machine and fix my planet and tree.

I can’t say for sure what makes this picture so special to me. It does have some of my favorite things in it though. I love mountains and water and pine trees and ringed planets. I think that the sense of peace that this picture conveys may be what I love the most about it. It is a place where I would definitely love to live.

Morning Has Broken2 photo MorningHasBroken2_zpsf4d0280d.jpg

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