I am NOT paranoid.  I do hear threats against the government and those of us who reluctantly support it more often  In fact the huge number of weapons purchased lately scares me.  Mental illness is a poorly defined concept when it comes to mass movements.There is a lot of it out there.  There is no question in my mind that as more people become concerned about guns the other side is arming and not just for show.  The idea that a government that will eventually be in the hands of non-whites and females has a certain kind of person very much afraid.  After seeing how such men react to strong women by beating and killing them I can see that it goes further.  If they do start a so called "civil war/revolution" why must we suffer it?  The use of the drones may make sense.  I don't know much about how it would work but we do need protection from these sick people.  We have a local group that has some very well armed people in it.  They have already threatened me and the President and we have had the Secret Service involved.  I really don't like living this way.  Terrorists?  Not my Arab friends.  Some of my neighbors.  Read on below and I'll give you more credible information about this real problem.

We get regular mailings from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I have to confess that I tend to ignore them even though we sent contributions.  My wife reads them carefully as she does so much else.  If you ask for "armed groups" on their website you get this among others:

Patriot Movement
Intelligence Files » Ideology
The anti-government “Patriot” movement has experienced a resurgence, growing quickly since 2008, when President Obama was elected to office. Factors fueling the antigovernment movement in recent years include changing demographics driven by immigration, the struggling ec
 The local group, which consists of about 200 mpeople has a websitePeninsula Patriots  This group consists of people who have threatened me and the President and who I see all too often.  I try to take this with a grain of salt but as I read the news and watch the overt threats around the country it bothers me.  How long do we live among people who are highly armed, and voice their willingness to use those arms without wanting some sort of protection?  This is Virginia where the anti-woman and anti Obama sentiment among our governor , Attorney General, and other elected officials is very visible.

If this is someone's idea of freedom then the word clearly has no meaning.  So what is the answer?  I wish I knew.  What I do know is that the danger seems to increase and the ability to do anything about it decreases.

Sure law enforcement protects the plutocracy and acts readily against the people who demonstrate against it.

I don't really know why we have the drones.  Can they be worse than the threat from our neighbors?


armed dissenters who talk about civil war and revolution

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