LOL people quit fighting over Chris Dorner. LOOK - Here's how I see it.

Remember the O.J. Simpson trial? It was a political Rorschach test thing similiar to Christopher Dorner's modern day stakeburning. Overlooked by both sides of the debate was the fact that O.J. was RICH and had a Dream Team of lawyers that got him off, and that most of America could not afford such a dream team.

With Chris Dorner, America is once again taking sides along the same identity political lines & overlooking the single most important fact: Chris Dorner is a Cop!

He was one of them! The LAPD naturally hires people who  have the same authoritarian mindset as Chris Dorner. It's a job requirement. The debate shouldn't be seen as 'Chris Dorner vs. the LAPD' but rather - 'the LAPD vs the LAPD'. Stop talking about Chris Dorner like he is an outsider to the LAPD in the same manner like Rodney King was an outsider - Dorner was one of the LAPD & has the same mindset as the LAPD. Dorner  and the LAPD are  cut from the same cloth. The LAPD conducts themselves just as Dorner did.

What we witnessed is 'cop cannibalism' - one of their own eating themselves!

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