I'm what you would call a more conservative, pragmatic type of democrat.  Usually, the politics of Daily Kos are to my left, and make me a little uncomfortable.  But today, and on this issue, I think I'm going to be to the Left of most of you.

Harry Reid should step down as Majority Leader over the Hagel disaster.

It's not even a question to me.  Reid was given the opportunity to engage in meaningful Filibuster reform, whereby this type of obstruction would be more difficult to maintain and far more egregious.  He declined to do so, stating that the GOP minority had agreed to some cosmetic changes and promised they would not behave as obstructionist as they had previously.

Well, now they're using the filibuster in an unprecedented manner in order to continue throwing a temper tantrum.

Mr. Reid, you were selected to lead the Senate because your colleagues felt your judgement could stand in for theirs when critical decisions had to be made.  You decided that that the GOP minority had learned their lesson and did not need to be punished.  Now they've gotten worse.  I'm sorry Mr. Reid, but you're judgement failed this country, and it's time for you to step aside.

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