Enough already with the "Obamaquester" ranting by petulant prognosticators of pablum. Here's what will shut them up (after the orange biscuit).

Reporter John Parkinson of ABC News lays it out there succinctly.

Even though Boehner insists he hopes Congress will avert the cuts as they stand, he revealed he has sent a letter directing lawmakers and officers of the Capitol to prepare a contingency plan in case Congress fails to act.

“We’re prepared to deal with it and I would hope that it wouldn’t happen. I’ve made that perfectly clear,” Boehner said. “The sequester is bad policy. It’s taking a meat-ax approach to cutting government spending. That’s why the president ought to be forthcoming with a plan to replace his own sequester.”

The legislation being floated around in the Senate is DOA (dead on arrival) imo. The very serious people at the Heriatage Foundation say so (not gonna link there):
Little chance? Try no chance—none.
It's all about the Blame Game now and here's one Kossack that is quite perturbed about how this is playing out in MSM. How's about you?

Now, if I were in charge of the Senate, I would offer two bills for the House to "take a look at." The one being floated around and another one to repeal the sequester altogether.

In fact, I would just pass the Senate equivalent of House Bill HR 505 that does exactly that, thank you Rep. Keith Ellison.

There's been a lot of chatter in our DKos community about simply repealing the sequestration (search for diaries, etc.) but I just wanted to share the concept of sending two bills to the House - and let them decide.

After all, that's what you do with petulant children. You give them a choice. You don't like the Sequestration? Get rid of it. You don't like the bill we passed? Amend it.

It's your choice. We deserve a vote. Please proceed.

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