Nine levels of hell aren't nearly enough. Not while certain debt collectors are still allowed to ply their trade on this planet.

A recent CNNMoney article describes the depths to which some debt collectors are going to squeeze money from widows and orphans - and the rest of us. The article notes incidents where debt collectors


  • threatened to dig up the bodies of debtors' deceased children and hang them from a tree.
  • threatened to kill a debtor's dog... by 'shooting him up and eating him.'
  • told a debtor's coworkers that they would come arrest her and that her coworkers would have to pick her out of a lineup.
  • set up a fake office to look like a courtroom and held fake court proceedings.
  • threatened to 'send the sheriff to take care of this the hard way.'


Those are just some examples that go above and beyond the usual illegal harassment tactics. Things such as incessant calling, attempts to collect illegal "juice," pretending on the phone to be or impersonating law enforcement, and threatening to garnish wages when not legally allowed to.

If the revolution ever comes, I'm slotting these people ahead of the lawyers.

Originally posted to jpmassar on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 07:27 PM PST.

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