How many LGBT people have boats and go out on the water (owning a boat and using it are often not connected)?  I have a boat, currently she is on the York River in Virginia, which I do use; actually, me and my cat Boo.  Although a search for LGBT yachters, boaters and variations of those will result in a few groups, even one in my area, there are very few results.  

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The frustrating issue is there are very few ways of contacting LGBT people who are using their boats and want to meet.  The various forums for cruisers or trawlers have no groups for us, I am thinking of starting one, however, the abuse heaped on women is one reason few women post on the forums, which is a big reason not to create one for LGBT people in the popular forums.

What I would like to do is gather ideas about how to establish an online location, probably end up on my web site, although I would like somewhere else, with a list and information regarding LGBT sailing, boating, cruising (boat cruising), power boat, trawler and whatever else is on or under the water, groups or people to meet.

Our allies are always welcome to help and join.  

Catch A Wave is what I plan to name my boat once I am in Maryland waters.

Ideas please.

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