It's been a tough week and we thought a little relaxation was needed.

 photo yoga_zpsbf7d8b5a.jpg

But as usual, we found another battle that needed to be fought.

 photo intercepted_zps76f71fc1.jpg

We really wanted to just settle down with some comfort food.

 photo zJGUvBUWAkGSj1R25Ql03Q2.jpg

But it seems our job is never done.

 photo 5R-KItsxkUGcnZw9lcT2hQ2_zps241fa267.jpg

We called in some friends.

 photo funny-pictures-muscle-brains-kitten.jpg

And made sure we were all on the same page.

 photo lasttime.jpg

We laid out all the rules.

 photo funny-dog-pictures-first-rule-of-bite-club-do-not-talk-about-bite-club.jpg

Then we went into action.

 photo funny-pictures-cat-hides-from-zombi.jpg

We chose not to advertise our exploits to the media.

 photo funny-dog-pictures-skeptic-dog.jpg

We mourned our lost comrades.

 photo funny-pictures-cats-are-silent.jpg

Even while we continued the fight.

 photo funny-dog-pictures-give-us-yer-wallet.jpg

The battle will be huge, we invite you to come along.

 photo funny-pictures-welcome-to-my-handbasket-wanna-ride.jpg

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