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I am in the mood for flowers!

I am currently working on crochet projects in tiny fits and starts... I feel the need to create, but I am REALLY overextended at work and school (that whole working on a doctorate thing--what was I thinking?)...
So--small projects fit the bill-- and I love hair stuff!

These are hair scrunchies made to look kinda like sunflowers-- crocheted around a large hair elastic:

Sunflower hair scrunchies
Sunflower hair scrunchies

Here's what one looks like in my oldest daughter's hair...

Little pink flower clips
These small flowers were made with "scrap" yarn left over from another project.  Clipped onto little pink bobby pins, they make totally cute little hair pins!

My youngest daughter really likes them (even with her "I'm too cool to care" pose for the camera)!


I think that I shall be only doing small projects this whole year, but that also means that I'll have lots more finished projects to share!

What are you working on?

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