Like many of you here, I am sure, I have been fascinated and not the least bit dumbfounded by the ease and facility with which the junior Senator from Liptonburg Texas alternately plays chicken with slander, possessing not only the gargantuan stones required to place a duct-taped together jalopy of bald face lies on an electrified Hot Wheels track converging once upon a suicide collision with the God's honest - but also having the unmitigated Lone-Star sized gall to ploy his wreckless chickenhawkshit gambit upon a man whose combat boots he is not qualified to tongue wash let alone place his filthy teahadist mouth upon, and dances away, never actually making a solid accusation, yet leaving wafting in his wake the fetid smell of a fart that only aspired to graduate to turd.

Quite a skill that, one once only perfected by the wiliest and most infamous of demagouges, though, in fairness to Tailgunner Joe he at least served before he began flinging flatulence at Army Veterans.  

Seeking, in my own poor way, to understand the Tedster's methodology, I used the google to hunt and gather errant chips of cowflop from which I might, Ted-like, fashion into one plenteous pile of putrefaction to fling at the master of muck himself. Luckily, there was no shortage of ordure if one, happy to emulate Ted, ignore context, frame of reference and fact, content to produce only tarted up insinuation and insubstantial slur.

Here we learn that Cruz's father Rafael Cruz was a terrorist, in Ted's own words "throwing Molotov cocktails and blowing up buildings" while being a communist "fighting... not side by side, but on the same side as Castro,”. The father being father to the child and the child father to the man I think it safe to say that Ted himself is a terrorist and a communist, though Ted may certainly disagree, and if so is perfectly within his rights to produce an affidavit stating such and attach it to this diary's thread by 3 PM CST. If he does not than I think we can be perfectly comfortable with these conjectures.

And, here we discover that Sen. Cruz, presumably (wink) to burnish his communist credentials, took on as a client in a law suit a Red Chinese (you get that, Red Chinese?) company that was actively putting the screws to an American innovator, inventor and by God job producing patriot. Unless Ted can produce records of any and all compensation he and his partners and all Texas and Canadian law-firms procured from Shandong Linglong Rubber Co. and Al Dobowi Tyre Co. of Dubai, (as well as the former's connection with the copyright case brought by the producers of "Shama Lama Ding Dong"), again by the same deadline of 3 PM in this thread, I aver the case against him is made.

Finally, here, we can find if we look (which I admit I did not as it was not not necessary to meet the standards of this piece stated earlier, and as I have blisters on my fingers and a dinner function to prepare for) find the details of his most heinous and inhuman of scandals, the procurement of "Kids for Cash". Having not read the article, I know not the circumstances which compelled Cruz to buy children though I think I can speak for everyone here that I can think of no case that such an action could be acceptable. If the Senator can than he is welcomed to make his case, here, again by 3 PM.

We'll be waiting, Senator.


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