How much area would a 32,000 acre tar sand mine cover?  

US Sands Inc states

The foregoing information contains forward-looking information relating to the future performance of the Company including information relating to the development and construction of the PR Spring Project and the commencement of commercial production.

The Company is in the pre-production stage, anticipating the commencement of bitumen production and sales in 2013.

...has a 100% interest in bitumen leases covering 32,005 acres of land in Utah’s Uinta basin.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  32,000 acres is equal to 50 square miles.    The four squares in this Google Earth view equal 32,000 acres.  Notice a bend of the Colorado River is in the lower, right hand corner.

P R Springs, Red Box - 50 sq miles:32,000 acres

P R Spring, Ut didn't show up when I search on Google Earth; however, I did find this site that shows the longitude and latitude of P R Spring, Utah.

Geocode for P R Spring: Latitude: 39.462471 - Longitude: -109.2831729
For those of you who have experienced dropping into Utah from the heights of Grand Junction, picture the peaceful desert transitioning into a tar scarred waste land.  Picture Alberta, Canada's new, look-alike sister territory:  Eastern Utah

Utah Sands Inc will immediately begin mining 213 acres.
Keep in mind:  This is just one of 5 already-authorized Tar Sand projects in Utah. <--Click to find a trove of research and proof

They are:

U.S. Oil Sands, Calgary, Alberta Canada

MCW Enterprises

KTIA/Crown Asphalt Ridge LLC (CAR LLC)  BANKRUPT, AUCTION 2/25/2013  

KTIA & Crown Asphalt Ridge Bankruptcy Auction 1

Temple Mountain Energy


In addition to the above, 88 "OIL, GAS AND ASSOCIATED HYDROCARBONS LEASING UNITS" were put on the market by the State of Utah on October 4, 2012.

Stunningly, the 32,000 acre tar sands lease was deemed by the State to "not pose any threat to groundwater" even though it is adjacent to the Colorado River.

Here are a few more pictures of existing tar sand mines and their proximity to Vernal, Utah and the Green River, which flows into the Colorado River.

Tar Sands located in Utah
Utah Tar Sand Areas

Leased Utah Tar Sand areas to date
Utah Leased Tar Sand Areas

Maps show proximity of Utah Tar Sand leases to Green & White Rivers
Utah Tar Sand Leases w:Google Earth view incuded

Asphalt Ridge is the area with "low hanging fruit" that has been providing asphalt products for years.

Overview of Asphalt Ridge and surrounding areas

Tar Sand Mine approx 7 miles South of Vernal

Tar Sand mine 7 Miles South of Vernal, 1.5 miles north of the banks of the Green River

Tar Sand Mine 1.45 Miles North of Green River

Close up of above
Tar Sands 7 miles S of Vernal, up close 2006

Tar Sand Mining Near Homes located in Vernal, Utah
Tar Sand Mining Near Homes 2006 Vernal Utah

There is no "clean" tar sand bitumen processing anymore than there is a clean coal process.

Here are a few videos showing extraction and processing in Utah.

Digging for tar sand


2009 KITIA Production

2012 CAR LLC

What will the Uintah Basin look like in 5 or 10 years?

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