Stop buying cell phones for 12 year olds. Every boy should have to ask a girl’s dad if she can come to the phone at least once.

Stop waiting for a knight in shining armor. It won't happen. Armors are not "in" right now. Wait for a knight in cool sneakers or something.

Work on accessing your higher self this weekend. Yeah, you'll need weed.

Know thyself. Don't bother reporting back to us.

Really disappointed in you guys. Not only have you forgotten about Dre, now you're ignoring Snoop and loving dem hoes.

This one time, I gave a turtle some nunchucks and it just looked at me like "What the fuck do you expect me to do with these?"

You think you're so progressive and tolerant, but in 2053AD a cyborg is going to marry a hologram of a dog fetus, and you'll be outraged.

What the fuck, dude!? When i said "Everybody cut footloose", I meant for everybody to dance. Put down the fucking chainsaw, you psychopath.



In a truly civilized world, liquor stores would deliver.

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