A New Twist On An Old Story – Republican Persecution of the Canaanites

They say history always repeats itself.  Maybe that is because it is always “re-written” by some and mankind fails to gain real insight from it.

Watch the video attached to this article and see if you can find common ground between the past and present.

The circumstance surrounding the collapse of the “great state system” in Canaan was a lower class burdened with taxes and slavery.  This led them to abandon the old city states and create a new people and society.

“The Bible’s Buried Secrets” – Israelite Origins

As we watch the “remanufacturing” of the current Republican Party we see similar elements; the burdening of the poor and the elevation of the wealthy class in our culture.  But this time it is the “Elites” themselves not the government causing the disparity as they rebrand their role.  The government itself is merely a reflection or a mirror of those people who are fighting for control.  They seek to create “even greater disparity between the classes” and to “dismantle our Federal system of government” to revert power to the states.  

The Koch brothers and the Libertarian Party have worked on this for many years now.  David Koch even ran as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1980.  They could not succeed as Libertarians so they created the structure and eventually the Tea Party.  Behind this Tea Party are people of great wealth and power.  

They created a new identity much like the Canaanites became the Israelites.  They became the “Outsiders” to Washington even though, in reality they were the insiders all along.  They encouraged this “survivalist mentality” in people and used the NRA to feed it even more.  They created the expectation of the “End Times” and then went about trying to make it a reality.  They exploited religion to create enemies and even corrupted religious leaders to forego their own religious beliefs about helping the poor and needing with promises to share in the power they would create.

Quote:  “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” – Israelite Origins

Identity is created as psychologists tell us by talking about what you are not, by talking about another.  In order to figure out who I am I have to figure out who I am not.  

They came to Washington attempting to appear as outsiders.  They created an identity for themselves, not by offering solutions but by “attacking the identity of others”.  One only has to look at Fox News and its lack of any substance as evidence of this or the witch hunts by Michelle Bachman and others’ in the Republican Party and Congress that have engaged in this activity throughout Washington.

The elements are all there to rebrand the Republican Party.  Now you know the rest of the story.

It’s the agenda of a new reformed Republican Party seeking to generate greater inequity and then step in as a catalyst for a new kind of Israelite nation here in America.  

Along the way they will shift power to themselves.

Note:  I know someone is going to make the assumption that since I am speaking of the Canaanites and the Israelite I am speaking of the Republican's modern day relationship with Israel.  Any correlation you see there is merely coincidental.  The point of this article is to point out how some in power can actually profit from "inequity" in ways you might not otherwise expect.  There are many factors at play in Israel today.      

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