It seems to me the BEST thing dailykos could be spending it's time doing today is a collaberative effort. We need to construct a visual timeline into video that shows the effects of Austerity over a time frame. All you really have to do is soemthing like pick a school somewhere and show the effect of It's education based on budgets in a highly right brain visual centric way. show the policy that went into effect- then show the kdis.

Or the courts and public satisification with the rulings

I'm doing this because at 26 I realize how valid everything here on dailykos is. I'm doing this because my friend who's mother was trying to collect from her deadbeat beat father got screwed by a public hearings officer who didn't even let her present her evidence against him to the court. maybe she was in a rush.

I'm doing this because i've been here for YEARS and I've FELT the effect of policy shifts. DIRECTLY.

my friend is a former senate staffer. I doubt she didn't know how to present her case.

I'm sure we ALL have tales of this nature. infrastructure collapse is evident all around us.

How hard would it be to find some failed bridge like we had years ago and instead of rationally laying out to the people WHY it happened just make an annoying video that says "This happened: then this happened"

the right will call it unfair and biased.

I call it fair but slanted. That's all there really is. How many people will really bother if you connect the dots in the right way to research the "criticism" which of course we'll be hounding to fight back in the comments threads. if they shut us out of them we'll do another video about how they censored our apologetic defense.

just keep blitzing them until they can't dodge it anymore.

How did I come to these conclusions? I got a manual out about doing opposition research and I just dug for info on the courts and what their membership are going through




It's not hard for me to believe our hearing officer wasn't truly biased-just exhausted.

what has rick scott done for that?

it would be nice if we could video conference together sometime to do something like this. to gather clips and personal stories and try to do a video. Let me know

I'm on skype at fireinthedawn

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