There's been a lot of renewed interest in DKos Asheville recently, primarily as a result of Randall's work organizing our meetup April 20.  His latest count has around seventeen folks signed up; so if you're interested in joining us, let us know.

We also thought we would start a weekly open thread to keep each other informed on things going on in Asheville that local kossacks might be interested in, and to stay in touch with each other and build a more cohesive local Daily Kos community.  We're looking at maybe doing the weekly thing on Saturdays.

And I'm wondering how we can make the group more useful for each of you.  I started this group two years ago in February, 2011, right when DKos 4 became live.  Admittedly, the group feature in DKos 4 was not what I, and many others, thought it was going to be.  And after a lot of initial interest in the Asheville group, participation fell off as we each settled into our own way of integrating DKos 4 into our daily lives.  However, I have noticed that one way some groups have maintained regular participation is through scheduled open threads; so I thought we could give that a try here.

I'm also wondering if it would be helpful to change the "roles" that are assigned to each member.  Currently everyone is listed as a "contributor", but I'm thinking it might be helpful to change that.  Those of you who are in other active groups that have experience with this, please share your experiences with assigning roles.

So, any suggestions on making this group more useful to you, please let us know.  And enjoy what so far has been a beautifully sunny day in Asheville!



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