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A 26 year old young man with down syndrome was killed at a movie theater by police.

His name is Robert Saylor and he was at a theater with a health aide. He had just watched Zero Dark Thirty and didn't want to leave the theater. Three police officers, who were there moonlighting as security, cuffed him on the floor face down and they held him down as he resisted. But he was resisting because he was unable to breath.  He suffocated to death right there on the movie theater carpet.

What the HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

How the HELL does something like this happen?!!!!!!!!!

Robert's mother says that he's never had anyone put their hands on him before.  He wasn't a threat to anyone.  

You know, growing up with my older brother who was diagnosed with autism when we were little kids, I always worried that someone would not understand him and harm him in some way because of it.  Probably because of how many times it happened.  He lives with my wife and I and works with me.  I think he wouldn't be diagnosed with autism today.  Probably with aspergers.  Which I guess is in the autism spectrum.  But he is a genius and I still worry about him when he goes somewhere by himself.

Robert Saylor's death has been ruled a homicide, so, maybe there is some hope that the three police officers, all seasoned officers who are still doing their jobs like nothing has happened, will be charged.  


You know, I am trying to do a bit more listening than talking on Daily Kos for a while, but this is too infuriating for me to stay quiet about.  I don't know.  Maybe I just need to do the listening when it comes to national politics and spend my talking about things like this that I actually have something to say about.  Because I don't have anything to add to discussions about filibusters and sequesters, but when it comes to things like police killing a young man with down syndrome, if I don't talk about it here then I will scream about it in the streets.  I am not kidding.  I am that angry.

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