• Today's comic is Media Carnival by Matt Bors:
    Comic - Media Carnival
  • Aw. Poor National Journal has a hard time figuring out just who is the mostest liberalest member of Congress who ever liberaled:
    Unlike the contest for the most conservative member of the House of Representatives in 2012, the rankings for most liberal legislator show no clear winner. Fourteen Democrats are tied for the title.
  • Clever Georgia appears to have found a loophole so it can execute a mentally disabled man, despite the Supreme Court saying you can't execute the mentally disabled. Nice going, Georgia!
  • TeaParty.org says Obama is Hitler. But Tea Party Patriots says Karl Rove is Hitler. So I guess that means ... Karl Rove is Obama?
  • Are you hungry for a juicy Obama conspiracy theory because it's been a whole eighth of a second since the wingnuts invented one out of thin air? Well, hunger no more:
    Adding to his ever-growing list of fears, conservative commentator Erik Rush suspects that President Obama will work with the American Psychiatric Association to classify Christianity as a mental illness in order to take away their rights and detain them indefinitely.
  • The science of snowflakes is pretty cool.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, we tie guns into (almost) everything. Greg Dworkin talked about the kerfuffle over the lack of press access to the President's round of golf with Tiger Woods, and also some other Very Important stuff. Like the reemergence of the Simpson-Bowles axis, along with No Labels and Fix the Debt, which, apparently because they wrap themselves in "non-partisanship," are eligible for media-led cheerleading. Also: Panera's union-busting; the craziest gun law ever proposed; lead poisoning at gun ranges?; tobacco & anti-smoking groups vs. ACA (and how guns might relate); 3D printing (and guns). Plus guns!

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