Everyone is in an uproar due to the violence that is going on. What is causing this? I'll give you my take on it. This is not meant to put anyone down, it is to make you think, make you consider how this country has become this land of hatred and violence. This is my own little opinion. If you hate it, then write your own article and explain your own theory. Maybe if enough people start talking, we might find solutions! Stop bitching and start communicating. This is NOT about guns, gun rights or lack of them!

  Let's start with parenting. When the child cries, shut it up, whatever it takes. Stuff something in to the child's mouth, sit the child in front of the TV. Go back to whatever the outburst interrupted us from that is so much more important than spending time with the child. Crisis averted. Now the child is slowly going brain- dead from watching TV, becoming desensitized to the violence they are watching, brainwashed by the propaganda and programming aimed at them, imagination being destroyed. As they get older, they discover video games! Learn how to fight, how to kill, how to be violent. It's all OK, it is only a game, not real life- yet. That will come later. TV and video games, brought to you by corporations. Corporations also own the prisons that will profit from your child being violent and being arrested!

  Where is mom? Off doing whatever mom wants to do while media and video games raise the child, IF mom is even able to be home with the kids. If she is home, she is probably using something to dull her senses. Alcohol, drugs, medication, TV- mainly soap operas and/ or "reality shows", computer, telephone, anything to take her away from reality. If mom has to work, she gets home in a hurry to get things done while the child is babysat by video games, TV, whatever works. If the child shows too much life or energy, then medication MUST be employed right away! Mom doesn't have much time to spend nurturing if she has to work. Weekends are spent on everything that gets put off during the work week.

  How about dad? If he is around, he goes to work all day, gets home and spends the time evening watching TV, and/ or drinking, or drugs, or some sort of relaxation, most likely in front of the TV. Emotionally distant. Cannot be bothered by kids or anyone else in the home.

  We all know what has happened to discipline. That bad bad D word. If you discipline your child, Child Protective Services will be on your door, and you will have your children taken away, and you will go to jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect two hundred dollars. Only bad parents discipline their child! Discipline will NOT be tolerated, it is violent, and teaches your child to be violent, never mind those video games that are encouraged, those are not harmful!

  SO, mom is powerless, and too self- absorbed to care, dad is too stressed to care. They now blame the teachers, and go to the doctor and get put on LOTS of medications so that they do not have to feel anything. After all, it is bad to feel anything, or use your mind for anything! If you begin to be able to feel, think or reason, here, have some more drugs. Go back to your vegetative state. Medicate your children too now, it is best for them.

  Schools? Send your child to school to learn how to memorize and repeat. Teachers are no longer allowed to teach kids how to think or how to reason, this is frowned on. Our government has outlawed this years ago; ever hear of "No Child Left behind"? Aka, make your child in to a miniature parrot, take away ability to think, medicate any child that shows any sign of these forbidden abilities, no imagination allowed! Listen, memorize, repeat. Only do what you are told, do not try to think for yourself. Repeat these words only as they are taught to you. We will tell you what is right and wrong, do not try to figure this out for yourself! Do not question authority, this is forbidden! We will tell you what to do, what to say, what to think. Learn ONLY what will be on this standardized test, NOTHING ELSE!

Now the child is reaching teen years. Parents are emotionally and/ or physically distant. Child needs to be told what to do now, imagination has been blocked. Friends take the place of parents. Gangs. This is the new family, they tell the child how to act, what to think, and take the parents place. They pretend to nurture and protect. I do not have to tell you more here, I think it is well known fact.

Over the years, we have gradually been de- sensitized to things that would have never been allowed in years and decades before. "Get with the times" we are told. We are put down if we do not conform. Here, watch some more reality TV and soap operas, horror movies. Learn to love violence and sex in all of it's forms, especially against women, after all, they deserve it for being women! Conform to what we tell you to be. You are too fat, stop eating so much, besides, when you starve yourself, you lose your consciousness and are easier to control by government and media- oops, you didn't hear that. Go to the Christian Church, let them tell you how to think and act, do not EVER question what they tell you! God has told them what to say after all. DO NOT QUESTION! Just listen and repeat. Here, have some more pills. Men, control your women, they are bad, they are inferior, and are only here for us to take advantage of, for sex, for our pleasure. They MUST fit our image of them or else. They MUST do as we tell them!

  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that everyone fits this stereotype. I am just giving a basic extreme analysis. There are many families that are nothing like this, that spend quality time with their families whenever possible, nurturing, encouraging, helping with homework and sports in a positive way ( not condemning, screaming, criticizing constantly) But, THESE families have the best chance of kids not going down the wrong road. It doesn't prevent it, but chances are much better of stable children growing up in to stable adults.

  Stress. It is a stressful world that we live in, and it is being made this way intentionally. All of these things that I have mentioned above have become this way on purpose! We are being pushed and pushed, and being forced in to bad financial times, violence being pushed at us. Media is the method of the take- over. Why? When we are hungry, stressed, mentally abused and confused, we snap. We become zombies. We medicate, and find ways to avoid the stress, to not feel it. We are easier to manipulate this way. We are intentionally overloaded in order to force us in to submission! Some become violent when they snap, and harm people and/ or themselves. We have slowly been "gaslighted" in to this state on purpose by our government and Christian Church in order to be easily manipulated! We are now being pushed in to this from birth, the ways of the modern times, in to submission. We have become sheeple. We get upset over what is happening, and we scream, we blame, then we give up and go back to our lives, they depend upon this! We scream it out, throw tantrums, then we medicate ourselves back in to oblivion and conformity. They can continue to do as they please. We do not bother to stand up and stop them, and they know this. Want to know what is REALLY in your food, and why? Poisons that affect the brain, as well as kill us to take care of over- population.

Now, for the big question: Do you care? Do you care enough to do anything about it? Do you want change, or do you just want to complain and blame? Go take your meds like a good little sheeple.


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