The great state of NORTH Carolina,my adopted home.I came to this area of the country in 1994 with the US Army.I was stationed at Fort Bragg. The family and I decided to stay after I left the army. The housing was cheap ,the people were nice and the weather was mild. There was a lot of quiet racism mostly under cover stuff but mostly it seemed to be trending into the progressive camp until the last election when we elected a majority of republicans to the N.C. house and a republican Governor , of course the state went for Romney as well.  

The fun started as soon as the new house and Governor got to work this month .The first bill is to correct what the conservatives thought was a substantial problem and that was public nudity. In our state it wasn't against the law for a women to go topless ,,I was amazed as everyone to hear that but it was true ,tho i never witnessed anything of the sort but the conservatives got their bibles all in a bunch and corrected that major oversight lol. So I guess budgets and  unemployment rates aren't so important after all if that was their first duty. The next thing was to go after those lazy  unemployed bums getting all that free money to laze around with.The second action right now is to reduce substantially the maximum benefit that can be earned and than they added additional reporting requirements to the weekly updates a unemployed person must do to keep receiving their benefits. On first blush I was thinking typical conservative crap but after I did some more thinking I came to the conclusion That's great  glad it happened because as mentioned above this state has a fair amount of quiet racism and I believe that's what led to a republican landslide in  North Carolina's legislature. To many people I know have made to many comments about that Muslim president of ours and just couldn't vote for him even if it was in their interests to do so and that led to a down ballet disaster..The kicker is though that the counties that had the highest Romney vote percentages were also the counties with the highest  unemployment percentages lol so they will get what they voted for and choke on it.I am sure there are a fair many Rush bots and fox newsers out there in those rural deep red counties that believed it was so patriotic to vote straight conservative ticket and i'm sure a large percentage of them are unemployed as well and are beginning to realize their friends in the republican echo chamber really don't care to much for those lazy unemployed folks and I say you get what you voted for. In closing go easy on me folks its my first time and I'm a old man lol.  


Do you feel bad for people that vote against their interests out of ignorance?

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