So, yeah, I've read about 'em, seen them on TV, but have never actually met one before.  Hopefully this will also be the last encounter I have.

"Obama is a crook."  "Why do you think he is a crook."  "Everything he does".

"The Dems are too far left."  "How are they too far left when most of the programs they support were until recently supported by the GOP?"  "No, they aren't." " Yes. They are."

"We don't need moderates. All we need to do is get things done."  "How will you get things done without moderation and compromise?"  No answer.

"Obama is way too out there."  "Really?  Because polls show the majority of Americans support his policies and view point."  "No, they don't.  I've seen the polls."  "Yes, they do.  You need to step away from Fox News."  "I watch all of the channels."  "Yeah, uh huh.  Sure."

"That Benghazi cover up."  "What cover up? What is the advantage of Obama covering anything up?  And were you this upset when 3,000 people died in New York?"  No answer.

And the kicker.

"Bush and Cheney did not lie their way into the war.  I was there in Iraq and saw the WMDs in Syria."  "They lied about many things.  Members of his own administration have come forward to admit he lied about the facts they told him."  "What are their names."  "I haven't memorized all their names but the research is out there." "See, you can't even give me their names."

See, here's the thing.  You can watch these nuts on TV.  You can laugh under your breath at them.  But when you actually see one in action, it takes your breath away.  You come away thinking that the survival of the fittest dictates that someone this ignorant should never be able to breath and walk at the same time because it's too complicated.  I'm dead serious about that.

I can not believe there are people out there in such numbers that are so determined not to let facts get in their way.  And these people are running the GOP.  Why is Lindsey Graham acting so psycho?  So he doesn't challenged by the Tea Party next election.  Why is McCain losing any dignity he ever had by spouting nonsense and helping destroy any small amount of functioning ability Congress has left?  To help his buddy not get primaried.  Why is our government being run by people, who should be savvy to confidential information that gives them the facts, relying on right wing bloggers making up rumors?  Because the GOP is afraid of the Tea Party.

If this is how our country is going to be run in the next few years we should be very, very afraid.

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