(L-R) U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) attend a news conference on comprehensive immigration reform at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 28, 2013.   REUTERS/Gary Cameron
He will face the cameras, but not his own base.
He is the guythe GOP says is the point man on immigration reform:
The survey also finds that the public expresses mixed views of Marco Rubio, following his response to Obama’s State of the Union address. Overall, 26% view Rubio favorably, 29% unfavorably, and 46% cannot offer a rating.

Rubio has a strong image among Republicans and receives particularly high ratings among those who agree with the Tea Party.

Among all Republicans (and Republican leaners) who agree with the Tea Party, fully 70% view Rubio favorably compared with just 7% who view him unfavorably. Among Republicans and leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party, 31% view Rubio favorably and 25% view him unfavorably.

So Marco Rubio's constituency just coincidentally happens to be the same constituency that hates immigration reform. You might be tempted to think perhaps Rubio is being a courageous leader, out pushing his flock to change their views on immigration, trying to bring them along into supporting the bipartisan Senate legislation that is nearly identical to the president's proposal. Methinks not. Because lets not forget that while every other Senator and House member from the GOP is getting an earful of hate during the recess, Rubio is out being petted on the head by Netanyahu. What a coincidence. While he's willing to face the cameras and conservative media establishment, he so far isn't willing to face the Republican base.

Whereas he could have been traveling to all these red House districts during the recess helping to explain and push his party along, he chose to cross seas instead. McCain, for example, had to face the wrath all by himself. If anything will doom immigration reform, its him not showing up to do the heavy lifting on his side of the aisle. President Obama will have no trouble whatsoever delivering his party's votes.

I call bullshit on Marco Rubio.

If Rubio is serious about immigration reform, and not running around like a coward, let him get out there and face his base that loves him so much.

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