EVERYTHING you have heard about GAY MARRIAGE being a ‘slippery slope’ is true.  If the liberal GAY HUGGERS on the Supreme Court overturn DOMA, Gay Marriage will then be the LAW OF THE LAND.  HETEROSEXUALS WILL HAVE TO MARRY GAY PEOPLE.  

In anticipation of DOMA being overturned by the Supremes, the Hussein Obama Administration is quietly opening FEMA ‘Heterosexual Re-Education Centers’ in Western States.

Forget about the easy stuff, that good moral Baptist ministers and Catholic priests might be ALLOWED to refuse to perform GAY MARRIAGE, they will be FORCED to perform them.   And under the new LAW OF THE LAND, the whole congregation just may be FORCED to attend these immoral services and they must even bring wedding gifts!  

But the BIG BREAKING NEWS this week is that under a little noticed announcement last week in the Federal Registeris that the Department of the Interior and FEMA, are planning to have OPEN AND READY what has been euphemistically called 'Heterosexual Re-Education Camps’. Under Hussein Obama’s America married women will be forced to send their husbands to these >‘Re-education Centers’ for two weeks of 'sensitively training’ that will be conducted by THE GAYS.  

We have seen some of the PowerPoint presentationsthat will be included in the HETEROSEXUAL RE-EDUCATON TRAINING at the FEMA Camps.  And that will include participating in a MOCK WEDDING between TWO MEN.  And at the end of the two weeks?  Unless they accept their training, and are given good ‘grades’, they will be forced to spend an additional two weeks in another more remote camp.   THE SLIPPERY SLOPE IS TRUE!

(Could someone please send this link to the RedState or Breitbart websites?  I have a bet that they run with it within 24 hours .)

Originally posted to MARTinNJ on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 08:54 AM PST.

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