A Walmart worker faces felony charges for alleged cookie theft. Silly worker, just who does she think she is anyway...a bank? a billionaire employer?

Meanwhile a Walmart contractor screws their low-wage workers out of $1 million in wages. Handcuffs? Mug shots? Bail? Felony charges? Possible jail time? Nope! An appeal is expected and the case could be tied up in court for months, maybe years. Will the wages ever be repaid? Will a fine ever be paid? Your guess is as good as mine. Just goes to show, if you're gonna steal, first make sure you're a billionaire boss stealing from your low wage workers, and not a low wage worker stealing from your billionaire boss.

Email from Liz Cattaneo, American Rights at Work:

The state of California just found a Walmart contractor guilty of underpaying 800 warehouse workers more than $1 million in wages.

Now the workers responsible for whistleblowing say they are being harassed at work and are afraid of losing their jobs.

Meanwhile, Walmart’s contractor is denying it did anything wrong and is appealing the ruling. If Walmart actually enforced its “Standards for Suppliers,” these workers wouldn’t have to fight for back wages, or fight to protect their jobs.

That’s why next week we’re joining these warehouse workers to deliver a message directly to the company’s board to demand that Walmart enforce its Standards for Suppliers.

Add your name to our petition today to protect these whistleblowers! Tell Walmart: enforce your Standards for Suppliers.

Walmart says it requires all of its contractors and suppliers to follow its “Standards for Suppliers.” In reality, problems in Walmart’s domestic warehouses are rampant. Time and time again, reports from workers and the media show that Walmart’s contractors deny workers breaks and overtime pay, and ignore Walmart’s standards.

So far Walmart has stayed mum on the problems at this warehouse. Help us break Walmart’s silence – sign our petition to urge Walmart to enforce its supplier standards!

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart holds the power to clean up an entire industry, improve jobs, and protect workers willing to speak out for the greater good. Instead, the company has continually covered up its abuses and refuses to improve working conditions. Warehouse workers deserve better, and it’s time Walmart took reponsibility to improve their entire supply chain.

Building off of last year’s historic strikes, Walmart associates have continued to walk off the job this year. We’re keeping the pressure on Walmart in solidarity with workers in the streets, in the stores, and throughout the supply chain. Won’t you join us?

ACT NOW and call on Walmart to finally enforce its “standards for suppliers” so warehouse workers aren’t abused.

In solidarity,

Liz, Emma, Jonathan, Ori, Sarita, and the rest of the Jobs with Justice/American Rights at Work team


Jobs with Justice/American Rights at Work

Warehouse Workers United

Diary on alleged cookie theft:

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                                           -Dolores Huerta
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Also republished by Invisible People and In Support of Labor and Unions.

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