This is the second and perhaps last call to Motor City Kossacks--and any Michigan Kossacks who'd like to join us--regarding a post-MDP Convention meet-up this coming Saturday, Feb. 23.

So far, we have these people on our YES list:
And of course me, peregrine kate

Plus a couple of MAYBES:

We don’t yet have a dinner venue. Here I’ll propose a couple of general options, which we can narrow down as folks respond. Either we could stay downtown—say, in or near Greektown, or perhaps the Mercury Burger Bar, which is on Michigan Avenue very close to Michigan Central Station—or head uptown a little bit to the Cultural Center/WSU area, where we could head to Traffic Jam, Union Station, the Majestic, or even Seva, the vegetarian standby originally in Ann Arbor. What do you think? Other suggestions for great but relatively affordable restaurants are also welcome. (Sorry, but I can't eat at either of the Coney Islands even though their french fries are fabulous.)

If you aren’t sure yet about dinner, but you plan to be at the MDP convention, please let me know anyway; we might be able to say hi to each other at least for a minute while we’re there. I won’t be wearing orange, exactly, but I will have an orange scarf of some sort to help identify me. There are plenty of photos of me on the site already so you will perhaps have the advantage on me!

I hope to get there early enough to take part in the “Blue Tiger Blogger” caucus. (Does anyone know what that name means?) I’m in Dingell’s district (14) and so you could also look for me in that meeting.

Looking forward to Saturday and the possibility of seeing some of you there.

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