When we had our meetup, I could not wait to meet everyone but I must admit I had anticipated meeting Old Hippie Chic since 2002 where we were big posting buddies on another site.   I still have yet to meet Doc Zombie ( as I call him ) or One Pissed Off Liberal.

  I was just too uptight in the 60's and 70's and not passive at all. ( well still not too passive).   My clock was wound pretty tight and running around the corporate world while the hippies were having a lot of fun and activism.   The hippies were changing things.   DaNang and Meteor Blades were both participating in the Chicago convention that got them a little excitement.  

 Oh Glory me,  just activism and passion and youth and  I know there are plenty on here who got started really really young and very very smart.  They were way smarter than me who  did not swallow the propoganda and became players in the Civil rights, Feminism, Environmental, Equal rights, End the War movement,animal rights, etc.  

I had a friend named Chiba who ran off to Frisco in 67.   She was a childhood friend  and now she is part of the healthcare world but in 67 she was making her way through
San Francisco and hanging out where any protests were.  She actually got to Woodstock.   Me?  I was working two or three jobs by early 70's trying to be a good Mom.   I never was Donna Reed but thought I was Marlo Thomas in " That Girl" or Mary Tyler Moore.  I realized in my mid 40's I had missed a lot.  I started following my passion of causes.   I was late for the party but I finally got here but I really hate it took me all these years to hang out with Peter Yarrow at a poltical party and hug his neck.   I was sorry I was not part of the tie dye and VW caravan or at least one arrest for civil rights.   I still had the garage band, attended some college, but by the time I got there all the good stuff was over.  The one thing I can thank HW Bush for...Getting me involved  and by the time GW hit the stage, I was in full blown Take it Back mode ( Tea partiers I still think took that line from me).  I am the one who had a CD called that long before anyone heard of the kooky Tea partier.  Even paid royalties to the writer.
I really really do appreciate Hippies, activists, people who put everything into making our world into a better place when we leave than when we found it.   I am really playing catch up now but to all of you flower children and Peace Lovers and Occupiers, I got just one thing to say.   PEACE OUT and Right On !!!!!!!  Oh ..Thank you for your service as you too have been warriors in a not so kind world.  Some of you still carry the scars.

Tell me your activism stories !!!!

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