Republicans are crooks and liars. They go into government to enrich themselves by making lucrative connections among the folks who fund their campaigns. Some also seek the prestige or perceived power of holding government office.

They have no real interest in governing. They actually feel contempt for government as we have come to know it. But they use the processes of government to benefit supporters, denounce enemies, and impose their ideologies. Their ideologies must be imposed because they’re harmful and universally unpopular. This poses the largest challenge for them, because remaining in government requires that they be periodically re-elected, and people tend to elect those whose positions are most popular. (Although losing elections doesn't necessarily mean their influence is diminished) The Republicans’ best option for meeting this challenge is some variety or other of deceit regarding their intentions. They understand this and embrace it.

Fortunately for them, all the popular media outlets are owned by people who support the Republican efforts. Once in a while, though, information gets on TV that reflects badly on Republicans for some reason. (That’s what’s known as “liberal media bias”) Since even the friendliest media couldn’t be 100% reliable, some Republican supporters found it necessary to create their own popular media outlet to protect them and their followers from unfair reporting.

Their media strategy consists of restricting the scope of what are considered acceptable topics for discussion, obscuring the truth, and distraction by appealing to ignorance and greed. It’s these distractions which serve to keep people focused on the deception and away from the Republicans’ true agenda, and thus leads to their electoral successes despite their actions once elected.

Their strategy may eventually fall victim to the diminishing influence of those susceptible to their distractions, as those people tend to be older and are thus dying off with time and being replaced with people less fearful of appeals Republicans rely on.

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