The rightwing has their shorts & panties in a knot (WWE Creates Obnoxious Tea Party Characters, Right-Wing Heads Explode)  over these two for what they say denigrates the Tea Party and what it stands for. The guys playing these characters beg to differ, even if they have to break character to do it.

via Mediaite

Pulling back to reveal the green-screen artifice of what they do, Wayne Keown (Colter) and Jake Hager (Swagger) explained to Beck that they are merely entertainers, with no larger political agenda.

“We aren’t in the political business, or the immigration business. We are in the entertainment business,” Keown said. He went on to attack Beck directly for failing to give his audience credit when it comes to the general understanding that pro-wrestling is fake. “Many of your followers are WWE fans and they understand the difference between reality and entertainment,” he added. “Are you out of touch with your audience Glenn? Or are you just a ‘stupid political commentator?’”

All of which is presumably done to hype a match between current WWE champion Alberto Del Rio and this guy, Swagger. Linda and Vince McMahon may have blown $100 mil on some quixotic dream of becoming a U.S. Senator but no one has ever accused them of not being savvy business people. If they're casting teabaggers as villains then even they can tell which way the wind is blowin'.

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