This sickens me.... and reminds me that Democrats are part of the same scam crony system.  It reminds me that very few if any wall street crooks have gone to jail after they crashed the world economy.

Of course Republicans are worse, with their depraved blackmail schemes to cut government at the behest of some shady group of CEOs.

I don't care if Mr Lew is an upstanding guy or not.  He has worked for and will in the future work for the big banks and so his behavior is suspect while working in his "high level government job" or whatever that million dollar bonus contract stipulated.

Obama is doing damage to himself, the Democratic party, and democracy in general everyday that man continues as his Treasury secretary nominee.  


The watchdog group Public Citizen on Friday questioned the legality of Lew’s bonus. During the confirmation hearing, Lew was asked by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, how he was able to keep the $940,000 bonus, since many such payments have “claw back” provisions if an executive leaves. Lew’s contract, parts of which were obtained and put online Friday by Bloomberg columnist Jonathan Weil, allowed him to keep the bonus if he left for a high-level government job.

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