How low can the human race go? Victoria Soto's mother is pleading for the many 'rogue' creators of Facebook pages which have cropped up who are either gathering 'donations' or getting their 10 minutes of fame to please, please stop ~

From The Connecticut Post:

"I understand some people have good intentions (and) some people say she is a public figure, but, to me, she is my daughter that was put in this awful position (and) she would never want to be a public figure and she would not want people making pages in her name," Soto said. "I know Vicki better than most, and she would hate this."

Here's a snapshot of one, which currently has 21,585 'likes' ~

Soto facebook photo sotofacebook_zps3b0ba62c.jpg

And there are many more, not all very supportive:

Hearst Connecticut Newspapers found 103 tributes pages with some combination of Victoria Soto's name and R.I.P., for rest in peace. Requests for comment from the operators of the 15 most popular tribute pages -- those with the most fans or "likes" -- went unanswered. The cover photo on one page showed a pentagram with the words, "Satan Loves Me. R.I.P. Victoria Soto."
Mrs. Soto has attempt to contact Facebook, even going to the lengths of sending Zuckerberg a personal plea to take these pages off, to no avail. Kaitlin Roig, a Sandy Hook first grade teacher who saved the lives of 15 of her students is also the recipient of some serious bullying ~
She (Roig)  said well-meaning tribute pages have gotten out of hand because their creators have failed to keep tabs on offensive comments. Roig even made a direct appeal to one, but to no avail.

"To whomever started this page...thank you," Roig posted from her personal Facebook account. "The positive messages are AMAZING. Unfortunately coming on for the first time, I can't believe that anyone human would post such unkind words. Please, please cancel this page"

According to the Connecticut Post, Donna Soto has created a Facebook page in memory of her daughter, which has given her something to do, but can also become 'pie war' central and needs her constant intervention.

So please, if you get a change seek out these pages and request that the owners take them down. Thanks.


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