Ugh! Why is it that conservative-leaning people have such a problem with other people who live in an alternative way? At first I thought the issue was all Biblical, but now I am beginning to wonder what other factors play a role.

A person's family-of-origin certainly has SOME influence over a child's worldview. Adolescents and young adults' worldviews can be substantially influenced via education and life experience as well. I also imagine that each successive generation views alternative lifestyles with less and less hostility. This can be seen in some statistics that have been released lately.

I will leave you all with an example of my question. This comment was made just an hour ago on REDSTATE.COM by a poster called mrhuehls:

Homosexual conduct is eroticism. It's nothing more than that. It's not a live style that brings anything of lasting merit. It propagates STDs just as does fornication. It's an abomination in all religious beliefs that are above cultism.
Is this unbelievable or what? Cultism? Really?
Ugh again! Thoughts?

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