I knew this was coming.  She'd been sick a while (congestive heart failure), in and out of the hospital and then in a kind of lousy healthcare facility where she died today (2/24/12).  We weren't overly close, her being a right-wing evangelical Fox Newser, and me being her youngest liberal gay unrepentant agnostic leaning atheist son.  My father, a former NASA engineer (worked on the moon and shuttle missions) is pretty much the same, and they were both pretty co-dependent.  Both in their early 80s, so he's probably not too long for this world either, although seems to get around fairly well.

We had a huge falling out after my brother was killed in a single car accident (most likely alcohol related) back in 91.  That lasted til my complete implosion in 2008/9, after losing my job, apt, all possessions, and most of my friends, I came back home and stayed.  It wasn't pretty, but it was that or the street.

Anyway, I thought I'd just put this out there, not sure why.  There are some kind souls here and while I'm uncomfortable putting my personal sh*t out here for the world to see, I've seen far worse.  Just looking for some kind words, not sympathy, not pity, just something friendly (or maybe a job offer ;)).  I'm going to have to bottle up all my personal feelings as it going to be a Jesusy around here for I don't know how long.

Funny thing (if one can say that) is no one seems to be offering me any comfort.  Granted, I hardly know any of my parent's friend, or relatives.  And that's my fault.  I'm pretty much a hermit and closed person.  Don't end up like me, is all I can say.

Thanks for reading.....

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