I know it's a little late, but it appears to me that on its latest program, the BBC's "Top Gear," and specifically Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, have given their endorsement to Mitt Romney's conduct, if not his electoral platform.

Specifically, on the February 24, 2013, program, Clarkson and Hammond, while creating a modern car for older people, decided to do with their cat what Mitt Romney did with Seamus, his dog.  That is, strap it onto the roof of their car.

Admittedly, it was a stuffed cat, but during their road test, the cat came off the roof on a motorway, and in their words, was killed.  During the program, they did not mention Mitt Romney.

I really wonder if they seriously did not know about the Seamus incident at Top Gear, simply did not care, or just implied that the US made a mistake by not making a person who would abuse animals President of the United States without actually saying it.

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