UPDATE:  There is a large brewing land dispute brewing with regard to the land ownership Space X wants to build on.  I wrote about it here and have learned the David Ruiz and the Cisnero family are in the process of taking legal steps in an effort to protect their land.  The Cisnero and David Ruiz family  have already contacted the federal government where they state the federal government has acknowledged them as the true owner of the land -- in fact,  government officials have  directed  them to further steps they will need to take in order for their land interests to be protected.  I am also told the State of Texas and the feds have money in escrow with regard to some of the land.

The 1784 Title seems legitimate with regard to the sale of the land -- and it ought to be a warning to corporations like Space X.   The land dispute involves approximately 90,000 acres of land.  More importantly, it is unfortunate for me to hear that minerals are being pumped out of some of these areas without the approval of these land owners.    

We must not step on the hard working people and the little people who do not have the monies large corporations have.  These people and their land rights ought to be protected.

We will continue to report more as we get more news.

Rio Grand Valley Channel 23 video of Cisnero Land Title Documents photo cisnerofamilydocumentsandspacexintexas.png

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