my rant about the upcoming budget cuts - profanity and all

The game that Congress is playing with our lives is SO not amusing. Even if at 11:59 on February 28th they decide to pull their heads out of their asses and not let us go into sequester, it is still fucking around with a lot of people’s lives.

Mine for example. My husband works for the federal government, like many, many others. If this thing goes through we stand to lose 5K from our income. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is going to pinch us. But it is not just the money that is the issue. It is the stress, the panic, and worry about what is to come. It is impacting my ability to decide whether to quit my job and take one where he is or stay where I am. It is about not knowing where we should be looking at, in case part of their solution is to cut out basic research, which is what he does for a living. If they do, he would lose his job. It is about my friend, who family depends on educational funds to send their kids to school and get day care. It is about my students who need fin aid to complete their degrees and get good jobs. It is about the hungry kids whose only meals come from lunch programs. It is about the generation down the road, whose families are shoved back into poverty after try to dig out because you are fucking around with the economy.

It is about the MILLIONS of other people in this country having these same issues because of some made up BULLSHIT. This whole thing is a complete fiction by a group that is holding our country hostage.  It should be criminal to so this shit to people and they certainly should be getting a paycheck. If they want to cut the budget, start with your salary and benefits, but leave my family alone!

3:17 PM PT: and just to add to my point, I just across this on Mother Jones http://www.motherjones.com/...


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