Welcome to the Sequester and Austerity. I come to you tonight from the great state of Virginia, predicted to be one of the hardest hit when the budgetary meat axe goes into effect.

I personally know a number of people concerned for their jobs at the moment. Which spirals into concern about keeping a roof over their heads and food in their family's mouths. The coming cuts to them are not interesting, or theoretical, or strategically compelling from a political aspect - they are nothing short of terrifying.

President Obama called this "an unecessary self-inflicted wound'. Well, he shares a large part of my anger. I'm mad that he didn't learn a long time ago that you can't be rational with irrational people. He and his strategery guys came up with the concept of a poison pill so onerous that it would never be consumed and then offered it to people who have spiked their morning orange juice with antifreeze for years.  Maybe in the future, Mr. President, don't plant bales of hay around the house, douse them with gasoline and then offer your drunk brother-in-law matches when you know he smokes.

Of course I'm even madder at the Republicans because of their complete lunacy and irresponsibility and posturing and idiocy.

I'm mad at all of them (politicians), I pretty much loathe all of them, they are unable and incapable of using the powers and responsibility they have been entrusted with. They are hurting real people in order to feed their own egos. And the idiot pundits debate who will be blamed more. Because that's what matters, right? Who will emerge from the political battlefield victorious in polls as the least disgusting.

We are broken as a country. Some of us will pay a greater price than others as this truth plays out.

Obviously, I am rather upset.

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