Remember all your talk about how government spending is the problem? Remember how "we need to stop Obama's drunken spending spree before the .01% have to stop lining their basements with cash the sun explodes"?

Last I knew, according to you, the American people were on their last rope; it was intervention time.

So now we have the sequester. And it involves a whole lot of cuts. And Republicans are blaming Obama for it? Thehellyousay? This is what you guys asked for, what you've been clamoring for. Here it is. I hear what is coming described as painful, even from your many-armed propaganda monster. That same monster, through the likes of Rush and Fox, has been desperate to inflict "necessary pains" upon us for a long time now. It has been "cut spending nao or the grandkid gets it".

And yet all and sundry seem to've agreed that the sequester is a bad thing.

It is a bad thing. I'm no wonk, but I've read up enough to feel certain of that. And to know that it's pretty fucking ridiculous to hear you Republicans complaining about it. Complaining about President Obama enacting sweeping spending cuts.

I don't like it, President Obama doesn't like it and neither will most of America. But you like it. This is what you want.

Spending cuts are your thing.

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